How to Get Good Credit and Leverage to Build Wealth Masterclass


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How to Add Over 400 Points to Your Credit Score

The #1 Myth People Mistakenly Believe About Fixing Their Credit

How to Get on the Path to 850

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I’m Lana Hinds, and I help women recover from bad credit and rewrite their money story so that they can position themselves to experience an 800+ credit score. I give clients access to proven strategies, techniques, and inside knowledge gained from my 13+ years within the financial system.

I’m a Certified Financial Counselor, with an MBA and a Master’s in Accounting. I’ve worked in financial services for 13+ years, and in that time, I’ve learned a few key things that separate those who are financially free from those who are in financial bondage.

Join me for this special training and learn how to recover from bad credit and rewrite your money story.

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